Belle goes on a rampage of destruction, Will Aaron and Robert get together ? and could Nicola be pregnant – Emmerdale

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It’s the day of the craft fair in the village, so Zak encourages Belle to get involved and enter her picture into the art competition. Chrissie insists that she’s not going to let Lachlan out of her sight all day as she brings in his art entry.

Later, Belle is overwhelmed as Ashley announces that her painting has won – but everybody is shocked when they see it’s been slashed. Soon questions are being asked as to who has done this.
Belle seems determined to carry on as normal as her family discuss who might have damaged her painting. She plugs in her headphones and heads out, soon ending up in the woods. Belle then dials the number for her new school and starts shouting abuse, telling the person on the other end that she is never going back to their school. Afterwards, Belle steals a bottle of vodka and goes on an angry rampage in David’s shop.

Zak and Lisa are very worried about Belle and they are horrified to realise that someone has reported her when her youth offenders officer Pamela arrives. Pamela states that she’s had a report of Belle going against her licence. Zak and Lisa try to cover for Belle, but she admits to the officer that she did smash up the shop. Pamela allows Belle to remain at home but insists she sticks to her terms, and Zak thinks some counselling would be a good idea.

Later, Lachlan tells Belle that he knows it was her that put the paint cans in his bag. Afterwards, when alone at Gemma’s shrine, Belle is pushed to the brink and Edna approaches unaware of how she is feeling

Lachlan is warned to stay away from Belle by his mother, but he can’t resist using his camera to snap what he sees going on. Later, with her parents inside worrying how to help their daughter, Belle is out feeding the family pig Hamish and at last the reasons for her recent behaviour start to become apparent

Edna is shaken following the burglary, while Alicia and Harriet are suspicious of Belle. Back at the Dingle house, Zak and Lisa insist Belle still considers counselling, but having burgled Edna, she secretly thinks everything will be alright now. However, she is alarmed when Lachlan sends her an incriminating photo.

Belle feels guilty when she sees how stressed Lisa is about recent events and arranges to meet with Lachlan later. At the cricket

pavilion, Belle is prepared to do what is necessary in exchange for the photo and Lachlan is curious to see how far Belle would go. Belle feels a little happier when Lachlan offers to just hang out. On the cricket pavilion roof, suddenly Belle leaps off the roof.

Elsewhere, Diane and Victoria discuss Robert coming for tea later. Aaron swiftly invites a shocked and chuffed Finn for a drink later to coincide with the timing of the meal, but it’s clear Aaron is just using him to make Robert jealous. Finn arrives dressed up to meet Aaron and Robert can’t help but be jealous even though he can see through Aaron’s plan. Finn soon realises that Aaron was never interested, but does Aaron’s plan have the

desired effect on Robert?

Meanwhile, the gossip hits the village that Harriet has lost her job as vicar and Brenda wants to start a petition to save her position. Ashley gets in a bind when he fails to admit to Harriet that he has been offered it. The timing is bad when he eventually does come clean and Harriet is upset. Later, Harriet overhears Ashley’s true wishes and they come to an agreement.

Finally, Nicola is hungover and Jimmy gets his own back as he cooks bacon for himself, teasing Nicola that she’s on a health kick. He puts a healthy smoothie in front of her and she runs off to be sick. Later, a penny drops for Nicola as she heads off to get confirmation. Nicola is soon left in no doubt after doing lots of pregnancy tests and is delighted to find out she is expecting a baby. She and Bernice then rush to the pub to tell Jimmy.

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