Are you ready for the Zombies in ” Z Nation” on Syfy ?

Published On April 25, 2014 » 3613 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV

Z nation is coming and shooting will begin soon in Washington State with a huge cast of around 200 actors and 1300 extras.

The new SyFy Network television series “Z Nation” will start shooting in Spokane in May, with 13 episodes being ordered up front.

The official synopsis for the new Horror show is  The show is set three years after a zombie virus has obliterated much of humanity, and our ragtag protagonists are transporting the one person who appears to be immune to the virus; their hope is that if they can get him from New York to California, where the last remaining laboratory exists, they’ll be able to develop a vaccine based on his miraculous antibodies. But wait! “He hides a dark secret that threatens them all,” according to Syfy’s release. 

Now I know this sounds very similar to a little known program that Fox have had 4 successful season with, namely “The Walking Dead” but the twist to this show is supposed to be more on the emphasis of finding the vaccine rather than just surviving.

“Z Nation” will be a five-month shoot. A typical North by Northwest feature film shoots in about a month.

“We’re really excited about having this in Spokane,” Cowan said. “Spokane is a wonderful place to shoot and is a perfect fit for a television series.”

The show will be produced by the same people that brought us the very successful syfy movie ” Sharknado”.  Syfy are not the only ones to jump on the bandwagon within this genre of Zombies, CW have already announced that they are moving ahead with a pilot for I zombie ( see the article here ), as well NBC moving ahead with Babylon fields.

Z Nation is expected to be on our screens this Autumn for the 2014 / 2015 season.

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