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After the recent revelation of Marlon finding out about Donna’s illness,  he ask Laurel to bring the wedding forward so that Donna can attend.

Donna fights her emotions when she discovers that Ross has spent the night with another girl. Later, Adam discovers a number of computers in Ross’s bag and realises they are from the factory. When Ross refuses to talk to Donna, she pretends to arrest him for indecent exposure and bundles him into the police car. Checking nobody is around, she handcuffs Ross to the steering wheel and confesses that she likes him

and needs him in her life. Ross is surprised to hear Donna’s true feelings, but can he stick to her rules that nobody is to know about their relationship?

Adam Later approach’s Ross about the stolen equipment he has found, telling Ross that he wants in on his next job. Ross concedes and its not long before Ross is telling Adam about his next Job asking him to be the get away driver. with Adam not having much luck with work James asks Chas to offer Adam a job behind the bar without him knowing that it was James idea. But

how will Adam cope with James living under the roof where he works. AS thins start to become tense Adam goes out the back of the pub with a bottle of Vodka, when Chas comes in later he see an opportunity to annoy James and tries to kiss Chas, she quickly push Adam away in disgust, but when Cain finds out about what happened he is not best pleased and decides its time to sort Adam out.

After passing out in pain, Andy admits to Katie that his arm is getting worse. Wanting to help, she takes Andy to the hospital, where the doctor  

tells him that his arm is now infected. Andy realises that by having missed some of his appointments, he could have made things worse. Bernice is upset when she learns that Katie has accompanied Andy to the hospital, but Chas tries to reassure her. Andy and Katie call in at the farm and Andy informs Moira that he has decided to accept Cain’s settlement offer. Once home, Andy thanks Katie for her support and aninnocent hug soon becomes a kiss. However, they are unaware that Bernice is watching…

Also, David struggles to take in the news of Priya’s engagement and is shocked to discover that it’s an arranged marriage. He snaps at Alicia when she tries to appease the situation, saying that Amba isn’t her daughter. Priya blames Jai for causing trouble but her new fiance Rakesh reassures her they will come round in the end. When Jai Later speaks to David about Rackesh saying he is not to be trusted this only further increases Davids worries.


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