Ali finds out she is pregnant, whilst Charity and Cain look to solve Moira and Adams problems – Emmerdale News

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Ruby prepares herself to propose to an unsuspecting Ali, but Ali gets accidentally hit in the nose by Kerry and ends up in hospital.

While there, the doctor asks Ali if she could be pregnant and she admits that she is unsure, unaware that Kerry is eavesdropping. Just how guilty will Ali feel when Ruby proposes, knowing she could be carrying Dan’s baby? After both Ruby an Ali split up after the revelation that Ali is pregnant Kerry comes up with a plan to get Ali and Ruby back together. As Kerry, Dan and Amelia wait anxiously to see if Kerry’s plan works, Ruby pours her heartbreak out to Ali, giving her hope. But can Ruby ever forgive Ali?

Meanwhile, Andy decides to accept the job at Home Farm after realising that Robert only offered it to him to make a point to Lawrence. Robert is shocked and Katie is not comfortable about Andy working at Home Farm, but is it because she is unsure of her own feelings towards Robert?

Elsewhere, Aaron goes behind Moira’s back, telling Cain about Maxine. Cain is annoyed with Moira for not telling him about Maxine, but is incredulous when she tells him that she has made an official complaint. Later, Aaron, Cain and Moira arrive at the hospital and are shocked by Adam’s beaten-up state. Although he puts on a front, Adam is clearly worried when Moira reveals that she has told the prison authorities. At the same time, James finds several dead cows at the farm – is this

Maxine’s handiwork too?
Exhausted after patrolling the farm all night, Cain and Aaron decide to pay Maxine a visit to tell her that she has picked the wrong family to mess with.

Back at the farm, Moira finds a hooded figure in the house and attacks them, but she soon realises who it is and then promptly blames them for the mess with Maxine and Adam. Unbeknownst to them, Charity has heard the whole thing and wants to take action…

Cain plans to bring Maxine down once and for all and enlists the help of Ross and Aaron. However, Cain is soon forced to work independently. He heads to Maxine’s house and strikes at her when she is least expecting it, resulting in her being bound and

gagged and put in the boot of his car.

Cain arrives with his cargo at the container site and menacingly shows Maxine her new home. Moments later, he is caught off guard when Charity and Debbie arrive at the scene. Neither he nor Maxine are ready for Charity’s next move…

Maxine struggles to appear calm as Charity takes both of their lives in her hands, taking them on a hell drive. Reckless Charity drives dangerously fast, making it clear that she has nothing to lose. Back at the container, Cain makes it clear to Debbie how important it is to get Maxine back in one piece, with Adam’s life depending on it.

As the drive continues, Maxine is full of fear and begs Charity for her life, promising to leave Moira alone, but Charity doesn’t

believe her. Suddenly Charity slams the car to a stop, leaving Maxine battered and dazed before dragging her into a nearby field. Just what will she do next?

Also, Juliette arrives at Mill Cottage and dumps a crying baby Carl on Jimmy, desperate for some sleep. Jimmy struggles to settle him and panics when Nicola rings. HLater, Nicola is thrown when she sees Jimmy cradling his son and realises that she needs to tell Angel about her little brother. But could it be premature?

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