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After Andy already snapping at Sarah, both Katie and Debbie have concerns over Andy’s temper. Later, Andy pushes a devastated Katie away, telling her that he only got back with her because she was the safe option. Victoria is worried to hear they have split, but a heartbroken Andy explains to his sister that he is afraid to be with Katie as he is worried about what he will do to her. Andy insists that he loves Katie too much to hurt her. when Bernices gets wind of their separation she starts to get her hopes up that maybe there could be a future for her with Andy.

Elsewhere, Finn gets wind that Adam is heading abroad to see Aaron and asks to tag along, while Marlon is troubled that Donna hasn’t

posted her resignation letter yet, reminding her that more time at work means less time with April.

Meanwhile, It’s April’s birthday, and Donna is grateful to Marlon for organising everything. Later, Donna masks her unease as she sees Gary North and Ross is worried when the villain appears menacingly, whilst Bob entertains the kids Donna struggles to remain calm. She slips away from the party and when Adam discover that she is involved, he wants out but Donna urges him not to back out now. When the day of the job arrives, Donna puts the first stage of the plan into action as she slips a laxative into Swirling’s drink to detain him a while. Donna then meets Ross and lies that she is packed and ready to go once the job is done. A steely Donna warns

Adam about the seriousness of the day’s events, emphasising that their lives are on the line.

With Donna’s stern words ringing in his ears, Adam assumes his position outside the courthouse, ready and primed to warn them when club owner Stephen leaves to return to his club. However, unbeknownst to Adam, someone is watching him.

Over at the club, Donna and Ross are both dressed in police uniforms. They explain that their warrant gives them full rights to search the premises. Unfortunately, soon Adam’s part in the job goes horribly wrong when he is interrupted out

of the blue by his old friend Aaron. A desperate Adam tries to stop Aaron interfering, but could it already be too late?

At the nightclub, things have gone terribly wrong as Donna desperately tries to continue as planned. She tells the now-returned owner Stephen that she has a warrant, but will he be fooled?

At the same time, Adam tells Aaron that Ross and Donna will be in trouble if he doesn’t stop the club owner Stephen finding them in his club. Seemingly on side, Aaron insists that he is driving and the pair

screech off.

Back in the club, Stephen grows suspicious when things don’t seem to add up and he punches Ross in the stomach. With Ross beaten and Donna cornered, their fate looks bleak…

Finally, after Rakesh catches bother Jai and Leyla together, Rakesh starts to use his knowledge to his advantage by blackmailing Jai into attending their engagement party. David also starts to feel left out when he doesn’t receive an invite to the party.  when the day for both Rakesh and Pryia to move in together arrives, Jai does his best to irritate Rakesh by dropping a load of possessions on the floor. At the same time, much to Alicia’s annoyance, David is desperate to help them move, eager to get to know Rakesh better.

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