A Message from Robert Downey Jr regarding Iron Man 4

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Could Iron Man 4 be a possibility ?

We have spoken about this before on the likely hood of whether Iron Man 4 will be made.  Don Cheadle has expressed an interest about bring back the metal super hero, but Robert Downey Jr has always been dismissive about the idea.  Until now he has claimed that the Iron Man trilogy has been completed and that his last appearance as the Marvel character will be in Avengers 3.


But now Downey Jr has spoken out, well we say spoken out as you may need to do some  deciphering to work out exactly what he was saying, when asked by the Hollywood Reporter about the possibility of an Iron Man 4, “I’m sure we’ll ride that thing. You’ve got to surf that all the way into shore”, he said.

If you have any clues as to what that means please address it in the comments  section below, he also went on to say

“I think I was at the forefront of something that was coming into being, and I think it has carried me as much as I have informed it. That’s the healthy way to look at it. It’s so easy to become inflated by the successes, but what they really are are long, strong trends. It’s just another wave”.

From this we can but gleam that he is no longer saying no to an Iron Man 4, and is hinting that there may be a possibility.

Who knows.

*Update* Since writing Robert Downey Jr has spoken out some more about Iron Man 4 on the Ellen show, when pushed about the possibility of Iron man happening he confirmed by saying “okay, yes!”.   He also stated that Marvel will be making a statement shortly about future Marvel movies.  We would expect the Iron Man 4 movie to be on the rooster for some time post 2017.


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