A Biopic movie about George Best is set to go into production

Published On February 7, 2015 » 919 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Movies, News
Calum Best the son of the famous footballer George Best, has announced that he has put a script together for a movie about his late fathers life.

Calum Best has spent the last 4 weeks in the Channel 5 Big brother house, and after coming 3rd in the reality TV show spoke to reporters about a movie that is currently in the works.

He revealed that producer Simon Egan is behind the project the man that co-produced the Oscar winning movie ‘The Kings Speech’.

Calum said when speaking to the press, “I wrote a film over the past three years about my dad,” Best said. “It started off about football and his journey playing football in America and it went into a father/son story. I put a lot of my heart and soul into it.  I came up with the final product and I took it to a guy called Simon Egan, and Simon Egan made The King’s Speech and won an Oscar for it, and I went to meet him at the BAFTA house and he accepted the job and he and I are about to start making a film about my dad and I.”

He continued to explain the outline of the movie stating “It’s a film-documentary so I will be presenting as such. I have an Italian film director, his name is Luigi Maria Perotti.  He made an Italian football film that was about the family, heartfelt. I liked it, I understood it. It’s not going to be an acting film, it’s going to be me interviewing people about my dad, going to places where he played. It’s called My Best.”

Production on the film is set to commence in March, with a book also being released by Calum later this month.

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