5 New TV Shows that still need to be watched in 2014

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This years has seen numerous new shows come to our screens, some that have been taken up for a further season like ‘True Detectives and ‘ From Dusk til Dawn’.  There have been other shows that deservingly failed at the first hurdle and picked up very little audience share resulting in the show being cancelled, like Star Crossed and then there were the shows that deserved so much better but ended in being axed any way like Almost Human, Hostages and Intelligence.

But what other series are still set to start this year that we have been looking forward to watch, and will they all do as well as predicted?


First on the list of must see television is Fox new series Gotham, set as a prequel to the Batman franchise showing Bruce Wayne Journey to becoming Batman and James Gordon journey working his way through the ranks to become commissioner.

Some or hailing it the Smallville for Batman, however from what we have seen and heard so far this is not going to give the series the deserved justice it needs.  Although Smallville was a great series Gotham seems to have an edge to it and also a vaster appeal.  Smallville was probably best placed in the 18 – 30 category whilst Gotham seems to the ability to attract the majority of audience share regardless of age.

When is it on – in the US its set to start on September 22nd on Fox, Channel 5 recently announced that they have picked up the series to air this Autumn.

The Strain

Guillermo del Toro will  bring us the Strain, a new series about Vampires and with True Blood about to finish it couldn’t come at a better time to sustain our Vamp fix .  Unlike other Vampire series The strain is centered around a global epidemic which happens to cause vampirism.

In the US the series begun back on July 13th, and was recently picked up by UK broadcaster Watch in the UK which is set to air sometime in September.

The Leftovers

The series which is a co-production between HBO and Sky Atlantic has already received huge critical success, an adaption of Tom Perrotta novel revolves around a world where 2% of the planets population disappears, and then picks up in the aftermath in a small town in New York called Mapleton.

Although the story line can come across a little flimsy and not seem to have much substance from what ahs been written prior to its releases, since it was released in the US on June 29th the show has received a loyal following picking up around 1.6 million viewers each week.

The Leftovers is set to premier in the UK on Sky Atlantic this September.

The Flash

If you been watching the Arrow for the past 2 seasons the Flash is pretty much a must see TV show. Barry Allen the man who has a freak accident allowing him to travel at speeds unknown to any other living thing .

Arrows has been a huge success on the CW in the US and for Sky one in the UK, and with episode 8 of both The Flash and Arrow to overlap, if you watch one series without the other then your going to loose part of the story.

The CW have already announced that they will be launching the series the day before Arrow on 7th October, at present Sky one have not confirmed that they have picked up the show, but it would seem unlikely that they wont after already picking up Arrow for season 3.  With Arrow expected on UK screens by the end of October then expect The Flash to start just before that.


It seems after the success of ‘ ‘The Walking Dead’, networks are trying to replicate it by bringing out there own Zombie incarnations. Z Nation is  one of the zombie series due out later this year but with a very similar idea to that of  ‘ The Walking Dead’.  However, I zombie seems to flip the usual Zombie stereotype on its head.

A med student who has turned into a zombie takes a job in a coroner’s office to gain access to the brains she needs to maintain her humanity. Whenever she consumes a brain, she inherits the memories that person had in their brain. With the help of her boss and a police detective, she solves homicide cases in order to quiet the voices in her head and save her from herself.

The CW have yet to confirm an air date for this series and at present no UK broadcaster has picked it up, but we will keep you posted on this.

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