24 Season 10 – Will Jack be coming Back ?

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With an explosive beginning all guns blazing jack is back, but whats in store for the future and a season 10.

London sets the scene for a new series of 24, and so far has seen him caught by the CIA only to escape with Chloe.  Now in his own mission to save the president of the United States, as he looks to save his Countries Commander and chief they are looking to hunt him down.

Series 9 of the much anticipated return of 24 has again from the first episode been adrenaline pumping and engaging. The question is will we get to see a Season 10 of Jack Bauer in 24.

Series producer Howard Gordon has hinted that beyond Season 9 Live another day, there may well be another series coming our way.

In an interview with Assignment X he told them, that if Live another Day was a success there would be no reason not to bring Kiefer Sutherland Back as Jack.

He Said “I would really, really be hesitant to predict it,” Gordon added. ” as long as we’re excited to do it, and if this turns out to be a success and the audience embraces it, then there’s no reason not to.”

Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays Chloe O’Brian in the hit show said “I would be shocked if they didn’t make more – I would be surprised if they went to all the trouble to bring it back, make these 12  and then that would be it.”

Although Fox have not confirmed anything yet, in the US viewing opened with 8 Million viewers but by the third episode had dropped to around 6 million which they have sustained since.

In a recent interview (10th July 2014) executive producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto,  have spoken out about the return of 24, with Coto saying “Personally, I think 24 should return to Los Angeles for at least one more season.”

With Katz adding a flippant remark “I would like it to be set in Italy because I’d like to live there for six months.”

The question is will this be enough for a Season 10 to move forward with.

As soon as we hear any more, we will be sure to let you know.


Since writing this post Executive Producer Jon Cesar has stated the following about the return of 24

“Right now, I think it’s safe to say there isn’t a next instalment,” he said. “I mean, not that there won’t be, but there isn’t anything planned. We need to just get away for a month so we can all just catch our breath again and be human beings again, because you’re just in such a heightened state when you shoot the show. And then we can start talking about if there’s going to be another 24.”

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20 Responses to 24 Season 10 – Will Jack be coming Back ?

  1. Mike Lopez says:

    I really hope they bring back a 24 season 10

  2. Darren Dimmick says:

    At the moment if they do bring it back it’s unlikely to return until 2016, unless Fox make a decision within the next few months.

  3. Janet. Myers says:

    I love 24 it is one of the best shows on tv. Please bring more seasons of it. We need a hero for Americans and kiefer Sutherland plays a great hero.

  4. Peter says:

    Pls bring back jack he is TV

  5. Phyllis says:

    I was a devoted fan seasons 1-8 and thrilled it returned this year. It was everything I expected, love the action and intrigue. I sincerely hope there will be more to come. 24 is one of the best shows TV has ever offered.

  6. Darren + says:

    24 is the only show Ive made time to watch for years when I saw the commercial for it during the Superbowl I freaked out I couldn’t wait to watch it My husband even got hooked The show was incredible as usual,with incredible one liners like :Wake the bitch up referring to Al Herazes daughter Simon and tons of shocking twists and turns. I really need to say that I got home from work after midnight excited to see the finale I had dvr d and I have to say it was a really miserable experience for me to let Jacks love Audreys life end on a park bench by the same man who tortured her for a year was not just sad but a real let
    DOWN YES THE Scene with jack giving himself for chloe and telling her it was time to go home was very touching it didn’t make up for the loss of Audrey.In 24 any main character can go but I was really hoping maybe heller or even Chloe would go rather than Audrey couldn’t those two pull through at the end he still could have wen t on a rampage to save her but at least they would have pulled through together, than next season could have been a few years ahead living a peaceful life with a couple of small children than all hell could break loose but at least wed know theyre unrequited love would have been fufilled and they had some life you know between the prez’s depressing speech at her funeral and Audrey dying on a park bench it just left me nothing to route for enough is enough it cant all be sad and hopeless.

  7. Tman Alan says:

    I love 24 the worst thing FOX could do is to bring this back (Season 9)which I believe was the best ever….. Only to loose it again. Fox needs to be more empathetic to the fans and realise that it takes us back in time. At least give us 2 more 12 episode seasons and then when Jack is 50 let him retire from the show!!!! Then please kill him off so the fans don’t have to keep begging to bring it back again. It is way to painful to have the best TV drama of all time IMHO brought back and then snatched away one more time.

  8. Cryptkeeper says:

    Fox need to remove (cancel) some other shows ! I could name quiet a few ? AN bring back …’JACK’.

  9. francine says:

    I’m not a big tv fan but 24 I have never missed, so do I want to see more? For sure, this series was super. By the way I live in canada and you do have fans here too.

  10. Archana says:

    I love 24 and Jack bauer is the most heroic character ever. Please bring him back.

  11. darlene says:

    PLEASE bring Jack back for more seasons! We just found seasons 2 thru 8 in our storage shed and we were elated!. Watched season 2 non-stop.( for some reason don’t have season 1). During season 9 (2014) kept saying an hour wasn’t long enough. DVD’s are the answer. Best show ever on Fox or any other network.

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  13. nancy looney says:

    24 is my all time favorite show. I watched all 8 seasons plus 9. jack is awesome.

  14. georgieray says:

    As long as there is a ’24’ I will be watching. I too have been watching since the pilot on Season One.

  15. joe nardella says:

    Why would you not bring back the greatest show ever 24 with Sutherland Jack Bauer is the best drama TV has ever made. Sending jack to Russia and not having him back on American soil is just not right. He still has to reunite with his daughter before they cancel this show. Some many story lines you can still do. Bring it back for 5 more years.

  16. Vincent Nutsugah says:

    Vincent Nutsugah from Ghana.
    24 must b brought back for its my favorite tv show ever.
    I watched season 1-9 for abt 5 tyms already n stil watching.
    I cant wait for season 10 n even more there shld b

  17. Deborah Johnson says:

    I think there should be another 24 and another 24. I am a fan and I hope the powers that be feel that we the fans deserve another 24 with Jack, Chloe and the gang. I can’t get enough.

  18. MD says:

    Great show, Jack should definitely come back!

  19. joyce says:

    if jack dont come back then my sleepless night watching jack is wastless, jack play role as an hero, jack will never die, big hugs to chloe, Mitchell, jack, nice movie keep it up, we are waiting to welcome jack back to U S

  20. wawa says:

    I love 24 too. It is the best shows on TV!!!

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